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Welcome to a
Kid-powered Universe!

Amelia Park Children's Museum is jam-packed with events and exhibits sure to charge up your child's imagination! Our recently updated exhibit offers informational and child friendly ways to play interact and learn. See below for a few future doctors in the making, some quality family time and meet the wild side of the Museum!

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New Years At Noon 2012

Some Photography By Ryan Sayers

Current Exhibits

Toddler area: Our toddler area is perfectly fit for your little one. It allows them to explore with safe and fun toys! The soft building blocks give your toddler a chance to be creative and build beyond their imagination. The exhibit also has a huge variety of Legos that your child can build together and/ or take apart! Our building wall allows you and your child to make an obstacle course and watch colorful plastic balls travel through.

Construction area: our construction area allows your children to uses their imagination to build and grow! Children get hands on learning experience teaching them about certain tools!
No matter what age you will find plenty to keep your busy in this exhibit. Equipped with wooden tool kits and a variety of tools this exhibit encourages building with both fine and gross motor skills.

Doctor’s office: Dress up like a doctor and look at our X-ray machine to see how your bones look, if you have a fracture or a broken bone we have just what you need, children’s crutches, slings, and a wheelchair. We have expanded our exhibit to have an infant area. Allow children to do check ups on dolls, and care for them by giving them a bath, rocking them in a bassinette or examining them at the doctor’s office.

Post Office: Allow your child to read, write, sort and learn through science and math in our new Post Office exhibit. Children can benefit by sorting letters into correct mailboxes, reading addresses, or sorting by numbers and colors. Have the children dress up like a postal worker and deliver letters or sign for packages with our etch and sketch. Does your child just need somewhere to explore? This exhibit is filled with boxes of all sizes to have fun and build with, or use math skills to differentiate size. This exhibit has something for everyone and is aligned with the EEC standards for education.

Dentist's office: Have “patients” sit in our dentist chair while you look at X-rays of teeth! Learn fun facts about teeth while dressing up in a uniform that represents a dentist and or dental hygienist.

Come visit a village inside APCM where children can explore and grow!

Amelia’s Café: Everyone loves to play house, especially in our kitchen! Amelia’s café mirrors a real life style kitchen where your children can use their imagination to play “restaurant” where they cook and serve food.

Big Y: Our Big Y exhibit exemplifies a real grocery store allowing children to use grocery carts to shop and purchase play food. A scanner and cash register makes it feel like a real store especially when children dress up in our Big Y aprons. This exhibit also demonstrates food groups, and serves as a hands on resource for nutrition. (We are working on updating our Big Y exhibit so please excuse our appearance during this time.)

Berkshire Bank: Americas Most Exciting Bank has come to Amelia Park Children’s Museum. Children cause genitive skills while memorizing the code to get into the vault or can learn about money playing “money memory ,” or one of the other fun games found in our Berkshire Bank.

The Wild Side of APCM

We have animals that are fun to watch as well as learn about, our animals include:

Guinea Pig

  • Donated by Petco - Thank you!

Houdini the eastern box turtle:

  • Eats snails, insects, flowers
  • May live up to 200 years

Henry the blue- tongue skink

  • Eat insects, flowers, fruits, berries
  • Live up to 20 years

Cornelia the corn snake

  • Eats mice
  • Live up to 15-20 years
  • Found in southeastern and central united states

Sebastian the leopard gecko

  • Tail breaks off when predator tries to attack
  • Eat insects, spiders
  • Live up to 20 years
  • One of only geckos with eyelids

Keep watch for new animals to come!

Mini Exhibits:

Our activity table offers multiple hands on learning throughout the week. Each day the museum puts out a new activity at the activity table, we like to keep our kids learning! Kids learn through play and our activity table offers activities that help make learning fun!

Doctor's Office

Future Doctors

Dentist Office

Imagination Blvd